All Wealth Management Firms Need to Use RegTech Software

Regtech provides a range of benefits for wealth management firms. You can use it to automate compliance processes, meaning your business can meet regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions. Regtech also helps you ensure that you are handling client information responsibly and protecting customer data from breaches of sensitive information by automating the identification of suspicious […]

What is RegTech?

Wealth management firms are increasingly adopting regulation technology (Regtech) to help them meet compliance requirements. While this is excellent news for the industry, you must research before partnering with a Regtech vendor. In this blog post, we’ll look at the benefits of using Regtech software for wealth management firms and what you should consider when […]

A Wealth Management Firm’s Guide to Data Privacy

Data privacy and governance are wealth management’s most essential and growing issues. They’re also two of the most significant compliance risks for your firm. The good news is that by partnering with Surge Ventures’ companies, you can reduce those risks and protect your business from costly penalties. We’ll walk you through the basics of data […]

The Connection between Compliance Risks in Wealth Management

The wealth management industry is becoming increasingly regulated, with strict privacy and data security standards. Now more than ever, wealth managers must have an effective compliance program addressing data privacy risks. Compliance risks exist in almost all financial services firms, but wealth management firms are especially vulnerable. Compliance risks exist in almost all financial services […]

Data Privacy Best Practices for Wealth Management Firms: A Comprehensive Guide

Data privacy is one of the most critical topics in the financial services industry. The fact that customer information and assets are at stake makes data privacy an extremely sensitive subject, and it’s even more important than ever to ensure that you’re following best practices.   In this post, we’ll walk through some of the steps […]

Data privacy is a significant concern for investors.

Attention financial advisors: The venture studios’ community is watching. As some venture studios rethink their approach to data privacy, they are looking for new ways to partner with companies that can help them stay ahead of regulatory changes. This is good news for you—your firm can look toward a future where data privacy will be […]