Beware of breaching your fiduciary obligations related to client data

The industry has focused almost exclusively on cybersecurity controls over the past few years, instead of understanding what their core obligations and fiduciary responsibilities are for client data. Being a fiduciary and acting in your clients’ best interest has become such a frequently repeated mantra in wealth management, it often elicits eye rolls and impatience. […]

Sid Yenamandra Launches Surge Ventures To Develop New Fintech Startups

Chris Latham, Deputy Managing Editor, Wealth Solutions Report December 16, 2022 Sid Yenamandra, Founder Of The Entreda Cybersecurity Platform, Discusses How His New Company, Surge Ventures, Aims To Evolve SaaS In Wealth Management Surge Ventures, a new venture studio initially targeting the financial services and wealth management space, aims to bring multiple software-as-a-service (SaaS) startups to market by addressing emerging […]

WealthTech Leader Sid Yenamandra Forms Surge Ventures to Launch and Grow Startups at Intersection of Wealth Management and Data

New Venture Studio Recruits Advisory Board of Industry Leaders and Secures Seed Funding from Private Equity Firm Virgo Capital By DWN Staff -December 15, 2022 Wealthtech leader Sid Yenamandra has launched Surge Ventures, a SaaS venture studio that focused on launching businesses at the intersection of the wealth management industry and the future of data. The new firm seeks […]

Surge Ventures Seeks to Drive New Era of RegTech Development

Former Entreda CEO Sid Yenamandra has co-founded a venture studio to drive data governance and compliance tech innovation and help startups in the field reach market more efficiently. Davis Janowski | Dec 15, 2022 Silicon Valley–like innovations are increasingly entering the often historically more staid advisor technology sphere. Take Surge Ventures, a somewhat eponymous venture studio that […]